Monday, August 27

crabby …

Once again, the big girl camera was left at home (I’m starting to feel sorry for Lola) but I did have my trusty iPhone to capture a dinner with friends.  If you’re ever in Manhattan or the vicinity, you should make the trip into Brooklyn to try Brooklyn Crab.   There are three levels, and a bar.  Good music, a great crowd, and a wide open deck overlooking the water.   A can’t miss combo.  May I just say the Mac and Cheese topped with bacon was amazing?   Our friends loved the scallops, pulled pork and even the steak.  But for me, it was all about the crabs.  Well seasoned, extra messy, extra delicious.   We also tried the fried clams, calamari, creamed spinach and steamed red potatoes with lemon parsley butter.   Not a miss in the bunch. 

 IMG_1089 IMG_1090 IMG_1092 IMG_1103

And just a few shots from the neighborhood.

IMG_1100 IMG_1101 IMG_1102 

and a snap out the window on the way home.   


Hope your week is wonderful and that you have a chance to get crabby!



  1. Your big-girl camera and my sewing machine share the same name! ;)

    I love your pictures and it's so fun following you on Instagram!

  2. Yumm! Even went I lived in NYC I rarely ventured into Brooklyn. I imagine it has totally changed by now!

  3. I love Brooklyn... It's so close to the. It's but it's also a world away!

  4. I think Montauk would be closer for me! :) Less traffic! :)

  5. Wish I had known about this place a couple of weeks ago...looks amazing!