Friday, August 31

three little things, no. 4

More things I love right now …

Mondays … because on Mondays, I get flowers from my husband. 


Creative vandals.  OK, so I would never condone vandalism.  But I think these are kind of funny.  Every so often, a new one pops up in the neighborhood.  The last one said “STOP in the name of love”. I wonder what “Stop” song we will find next. 


Avocado and chicken eggrolls.  With Bacon.   So bad and sooo good.  Bad because they’re fried.  Good because there might be a California Pizza Kitchen near you.  (possibly the worst picture I’ve taken.  but still yummy.)

IMG_1066eWhat are your favorites this week?  Have a great weekend!




  1. I need flowers everyday!!!! Have a nice one!

  2. Stephanie!
    I love that you get flowers every week from your husband!!! And, I am cracking up over the Stop "songs"!!! That is too funny!!!

    Hope you're having a wonderful Labor Day! And, I agree...this might just be the best time to head to the beach!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Flowers every week from the hubby would top my list but alas... I must say dinner on the beach with fireworks for Labor Day was a great way to start the month. And once we love the extra summertime pounds, we'll be visiting our local CPK!
    C + C