Friday, August 17

three little things, number 2…

I’m back with the second installment of three little things.  On this week’s list are these oversized prints in a home by designer Allison Caccoma.  All I can say is … “WOW!”  This is what a great designer can do for you.  I mean, who else would have thought of that?  Such impact and lots of lovely coastal style. 


These Martha Stewart notebooks for Avery.  Just about 5x8, and skinny, and a pretty shade of blue.  All for less than $5.  Okay, so I bought the light pink too.  (They were on sale at Staples for $2.40)image And finally, just right for this time of year - fresh produce from the farm. 


I love it when you let me know what you’re loving right now.  Have a great weekend!



  1. I am totally loving those prints!

  2. I need to find out where they were made what an awesome idea!

  3. oh that little journal is calling my name. i am a sucker for them. how many does one girl need? right now i am loving - cooler weather, chobani yogurt in raspberry, and being at home. have a great weekend.

  4. I love those veggies... They look so fresh and tasty! Hope you had a great weekend!

  5. Beautiful prints and of course love those gorgeous fresh veggies!

  6. Hi Stephanie,
    I just saw those at Staples when we went school supply shopping. I had no idea she even had a line at Staples until last week. Love those prints....we have a large black and white that we finally hung last night. It's my favorite large it's hard to find a place in a tiny house. I do love the color ones too. And those farm vegetables...gorgeous photo!