Monday, September 24

it’s official … it’s fall

So sorry for the unexpected blogging break.  I needed some family time and to savor the last few days of summer.  Part of that family time – every weekend without fail – is football.  This one is going to be photo heavy, but what can I say?  I’m crazy about Number 77.  And not much says fall more than good old American football.

Waiting for the game to start.  As the starting center, he’s in charge of the ball. 

023 028


Sometimes, when it gets pretty rough, it’s easier for me to watch through the lens. 


Not much gets passed these three.  Best part?  They’ve been friends since kindergarten.   They’ve definitely got each other’s back.

082 The last play of the game.  It was a long game, but they hung in there. 

089 That face? It’s one part exhaustion, and one part, “Mom!  Put the camera down, Mom!”108e

I never thought I’d enjoy football as much as I do with my son playing.   

I’m about set to do a little fall decorating, a little reorganizing, and a few other projects around here.   There’s something about the crisp, cool weather that motivates me. 

Have a great week!




  1. These are such great shots, Stephanie, and as I was looking through them I thought, "Wow - she really gets in there and gets those shots...wonder how #77 feels about that..." and then you gave us that final shot. Haha. Awesome!

  2. We're in the same boat... literally! But our weekends are taken up by regattas. Isn't it great to have an excuse to be outside in the fall sun? Happy Monday, Stephanie.
    C + C

  3. They are growing up so fast. Amazing
    I could use some fall now
    Ready for some flannel sleep,pants :)

  4. I find funny that to me football is what you call soccer... My nephew is into soccer and my sis is like you and your kid... Too funny!

  5. don't put the camera down mom. someday he will be so happy that you captured all of this.

  6. My son always acts like he's annoyed with me and my camera and then when we get home he loves to look at them! I know exactly what you mean about loving a sport when your son is out there playing...I have an appreciation for sports like I never knew was possible. In our case it's most of the time I hardly know what's going on...I just pretend. And I must do a pretty good job because I have been asked to keep the book several times. I just look at them...then glance behind the person asking and say, "are you talking to me?!" I love all your wonderful that they've stuck together since kindergarten and now even play the same sport!

  7. It's because we love them why we snap so many photos of them. He'll understand it one day.

  8. Watching one's kids play is such a treat! Thank God!