Friday, November 30

just a quick post …

for those of you that were wondering, here is the tea light holder lit up at night.   Please excuse the phone shots – I wanted to post it quickly.  But I have to say, the photos don’t do it justice.  I wish you could have heard my kids when they saw it lit up.  It’s truly beautiful.  

IMG_1528 IMG_1529 

Here are photos of the pink and the amethyst too. 

And while we’re on the subject, Sue at The Zhush has a great eye and a terrific selection of gifts for any lucky lady on your list.  Everything from hostess gifts to fun jewelry.  Stop by and take a look. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. Wow, this is lovely. I'm going to refer this post to my (twin) sister who is an avid gem hunter and loves things like this.

    Happy holidays!


  2. Thank you for that Stephanie, It looks stunning I can imagine how beautiful it is in the flesh. Love the mention of your kids, I remember being mesmerised by coloured fairy lights as a child, such a magical time.

    I checked out the The Zush in your last post, and your right, Sue has a great eye.

  3. So pretty and colorful! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie.
    C + C

  4. Wow! I would love something like that! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie! Hope you and your beautiful family are doing well. Hugs and love!