Friday, January 4

where I am …

Phipps 2009 165 vintage signed copy

The last few years I’ve made resolutions.  I start out full of great intent, and then pitter out.  I’ve kept several.  I learned some French, and tried yoga.  I got rid of some stuff.  (and got some more).  Looking back, I think I did better for having them, than not having them.  So I’m working on it. 

Among the good thoughts, there are things I’ve let slide lately.  One is photography.  I am really going to go all out this year with photography.  I also want to improve my cake decorating skills this year.  And I definitely want to travel more. 

And I am finally going to make a cookbook out of all my best recipes.  You should be seeing a lot more baking and cooking around here as I will want to photograph the recipes for the cookbook and share some of those with you. 

Anyone have any resolutions they want to share?  Food photography tips?   

Have a great weekend.



  1. We're trying to do more with less this year - less stress, less worry, less worry and less complaining! We love that you'll be posting more of your pretty pictures. Happy weekend, Stephanie!
    C + C

  2. Those are amazing resolutions! I love every one of them - I am looking forward to seeing your photos and getting some of your recipes and maybe you'll make it it Ireland next year - there's nothing stopping you!

  3. Hey there, friend! I'm really happy to hear that you are going to be putting together a cookbook, and I'm looking forward to seeing those photos - and hopefully you will share the recipes here and there as well.

    I decided to let myself slide as far as new year's resolutions this time around. I'm in a bit of a holding pattern when it comes to committing to anything right now. What a rebel I am, eh? ;o)

  4. Looks to me like you are on the right track Stephanie, you are brilliant in all of the above, that is a good start! Best wishes for a creative start to the new year...
    Jeanne xx

  5. Nope, never make resolutions, I know I will break them!
    A cookbook sounds great! How are you going to do it?

  6. I'm still thinking about what I want to work on this year. :D

    You're such a good photographer already Stephanie, but I'm sure there's always room for improvement. I look forward to seeing more recipes on your blog. I don't really enjoy cooking (I love to bake) but I also get tired of eating the same stuff - so I'm always looking for new recipes.

  7. Hi Stephanie, I think my best photography tip is to study the photos in modern cookbooks for styling, lighting and staging.

    You probably already know I have a penchant for cookbooks but not for the recipes... for the pretty photos (much to the chagrin of my husband who would love for me to actually use some of the recipes-lol).

    Good luck and happy new year!!

    P.S. Thanks for your on-going support of my blogging efforts in 2012. I really appreciate it.

  8. OMG your photos are some of the prettiest I've seen in blog land. I don't know how you can get better! Beautiful!

    Oh and I adore your little gingerbread houses and candy set up. I'm doing that theme in my kitchen/dinning room next year so I'm jealous of it :)