Thursday, June 20

father’s day

As usual, we celebrated Father’s Day at our house, along with my daughter’s and a slew of other June birthdays.  It was a pretty busy day, and I didn’t get a ton of photos before everyone arrived.  But we lined up two twelve foot tables and lined some flowers up the middle, and set another table with appetizers and drinks.



On the menu?  Appetizers were grilled Greek sausages, bacon wrapped cocktail franks, Greek salad skewers, assorted cheeses, chicken satay and homemade guacamole.   For lunch, we had flank steak marinated in beer, lime and cilantro (yum!), assorted shish kebobs, tortellini salad, watermelon tomato and feta salad, tomato and mozzarella, and seven layer salad.  Dessert was mini cupcakes and a dark chocolate cake, plus fresh fruit.  I think it’s safe to say that no one went home hungry! 

How did you celebrate?



  1. Pretty pictures, and your menu sounds divine! xo

  2. I bet it was wonderful! Hope your vacation is great!