Wednesday, July 17

road trip, part 3

The last part of our day trip was a cruise down the Hudson.  It was so beautiful.  That’s a real Mississippi River paddleboat we passed.  They brought it up for cruises.  I always assumed one would be bigger than this was.   And that castle in the middle of an island was built to house an arsenal of artillery.  The man who built it was a Scot who wanted it to look like the architecture of home.   Lots of photos, so I will break this one into two posts, I think.  I hope you’ve enjoyed coming along with us …



IMG_2992 IMG_2996 IMG_3000 IMG_3003 IMG_3006 IMG_3007 IMG_3027 IMG_3040 IMG_3052 IMG_3059


  1. Great photos!

    When Savanna gets out of college (when we'll have some extra cash :) ) We'll do a nice trip - I've always wanted to go to Monticello & New Orleans.

  2. You really know how to road trip, Steph. Another great batch of photos, and a great look at the Hudson River.