Monday, November 4

thankful …

This is the time of year that my thoughts naturally turn to what I am grateful for.  This year, I’m especially grateful for good health.   I’m young enough that it is easy to take for granted, but I am thankful.  

I’m also thankful for …

My dad’s gorgeous dahlias, and that he shares them with me  …


Puppies that sleep in the sun …


Living so close to “Apple Country”

apple picking and new paltz 017

And beautiful fall scenery …

apple picking and new paltz 013

What are you thankful for these days? 



  1. You and Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips are in the same mood today! We're grateful that we're over the holiday shipping hump and can focus on our new spring collections (there's such a seasonal disconnect in our business!) Pretty dahlias - our favorites. Hope your weekend was restful and that you're feeling better.
    C + C

  2. Your photos are fantastic, Steph! I'm thankful that we found each other's blogs and became friends as a result. :o) xo