Monday, January 19

a little more south ...

Look, at me! Posting three times in one month.  For me, lately, it's a record. 
Anyway, it is still cold as anything up here.  Even when the temperature goes into the 30's, it somehow feels much colder.  I could use a little warming up.  Which is where the south comes into it. 

To me, the south is about porches, palm trees, back roads and gardens.   (Not to mention warm smiles, southern charm and some really great food.)   So here is a little more south to warm you up.   It may not warm my feet, but it sure does warm my heart.   As always, left clicking will bring the photos up a bit clearer and a bit larger.

Hope your week is wonderful!





  1. Even Atlanta was frigid when we were there but the Southern charm warmed us up! So did the shrimp and grits... So happy to see you posting again, Stephanie!
    C + C

  2. I'd love to spend some time in the American South. I know very little about the region, and it seems so beautiful.