Monday, January 12

let's try this again ...

I've been an awful blogger, haven't I?  I mean to, I really do, and then, well, life happens.   But I am trying to refocus, get back in there.   Here's what's been going on.   

July was spent largely in South Carolina.   We covered so much of the Low Country, from Beaufort to Charleston, St James Island to Wadamalaw Island.   I love me some south!   I will post some of those photos soon. 

August was spent in the hospital and at home recovering from kidney surgery.   Yuck.  Enough about that - suffice it to say that all is now well, and that I am grateful that if something needs to be wrong, at least it was something they could fix.  

September saw us apple picking and on boats.

 October was all about birthdays and football.

 November was about family and celebrating Thanksgiving in NYC.

And December was all about Christmas of course.

And that is the 2014 wrap up.   I really hope to get back to blogging regularly again.   Let's keep this going!   

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  1. Oh Stephanie, first of all, PEACE AND HEALING! OUCH.....dear one, it has been SO LONG since I have seen you around. I now know who you are. Thank you for coming to visit my blog. I am not deleting it, and I will still be in Blogland, visiting. But time is of the essence, and I have to use it more toward my private writing goals.