Friday, February 13

baby it's cold outside!

Well friends, it is absolutely frigid up here!   Brrr...  But at least I have some beautiful flowers to keep me warm.   I had some of the girls over the other day, so between that and the flowers the hubs brought me, we have flowers everywhere...

Flowers on my desk .... 

Flowers in the living room .... 

Flowers in the kitchen ....

 And as always, a little something sweet.   

Happy Valentine's Day!   Hope your toes stay as warm as your hearts!   



  1. Oh beautiful! I love fresh flowers - they really had some life to a room. It is soooo cold here! We've had some snow flurries off and on all day - it's not sticking though. Just cold - I think it's supposed to be zero tomorrow morning!

  2. I love flowers, they just make you happy!! Susan