Monday, February 9

another week, another Monday school closing...

It's getting a little crazy now.  This is the third Monday in a row the schools are closed due to the weather.   We've had enough Mother Nature.   And the way it worked out, they are closed next week for President's Day too.   But we've been warming things up over here this week.   Excuse the phone shots, but there have been cakes ... 

Little love notes on the front door...  (I had to write on the inside so the snow would not smudge it, but not too bad for writing backwards!) 
 Hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles in pretty pink cups ...
 Warm toasty fires ...
And then all of a sudden winter doesn't seem so bad at all.
Hope it is warm and sunny where you are today!  Or at least warm and cozy!  


  1. Loved this post. And wishing you all kinds of fortitude for the next Monday day off;).

  2. Thank you Lisa! At this point, it looks like the next snow will be Saturday night - no end in sight for this winter!