Monday, April 13

i'm still here!

Hello, friends!  I'm still hanging in here.  We are crazy busy but well.  I have not been taking too many photos lately in the midst of all the craziness, but I have taken a few from Easter that I thought I'd share.  I baked all Easter morning to get these done in time, but I can tell you, that bunny tush has brought me a ridiculous amount of happiness, making all the effort worth it.  

I had seen this one on line a few years ago and have wanted to make it since.  I carved out a bunny hole, frosted the cake to look like a tree stump, popped the bunny in, and added some grass and flowers.   This one made me so happy!  

For the cupcakes, I stocked up on some yummy Easter candy from Williams-Sonoma, piped some grass out of buttercream, and topped it off with the candy and bunnies I had made ahead of time.   They were all a hit! 
I hope your holidays were wonderful!



  1. Ok seriously you need to open a bakery !! They look so amazing - to bad cakes can't get shipped!!!

  2. Those are just great! I admire your persistence and creativity!