Sunday, May 24

riots of roses ...

I'm a lucky girl.  I usually have flowers around the house.   I don't usually have all roses though, and when I do, I usually go with all white or all pink.  Subtle.   Sweet.

But on Friday, as I was passing through my local warehouse store, they had a lot of roses for sale.   Usually we patronize the local florist, but I couldn't resist the colors.   For the unofficial start of summer, I went for three bunches of bright colors, and filled 4 vases.   

They're such happy colors and they really do add some sunshine to the room.    Hope they make you smile too! 




  1. I hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

  2. Life feels wonderful when flowers are about...a simple bouquet can snap you out of the doldrums in no time...they offer hope. Love your roses Stephanie..and the brilliance of color. Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx