Tuesday, January 6

A little bit of color on a cloudy day.

It is so gray out today! I took this photo earlier this week. I love the pop of color on a gloomy winter day! If you click on the image, you should be able to see a larger shot of it. The way the petals of the violets glisten make them look like candy to me. You can see this if you are able to enlarge the image.


  1. Tell me your secret. I love African violets. But sadly, I have killed every poor little violet that's ever had the misfortune to enter my house. I know enough to always water from the bottom and keep the leaves dry, but no matter what they just die on me every time. I've even fed them with special food, but no luck. :-(

  2. I love them too! These were a gift, and the friend who gave them to me said the florist told her to only water every 10-14 days. Which is how I have managed to never kill my dad's when he is away - since they are separate from all the other plants, I forget them all the time!Also, as you said, never wet the leaves. I have an indoor watering can with a long skinny spout that fits right between them. The only other thing I did was, they are in this little bronze urn, but I left them in the plastic pot, since it does not show, so there is plenty of drainage. Hope that helps!