Thursday, April 16

we're back ...sort of

So it has been a looonnnng while since I have posted! That bad cold lasted a while, then I felt better but was super busy, and then I got another bad cold, which lasted for a week before it turned into an extra nasty case of bronchitis. After all of that, a TON of computer woes, the last of which was that devastating April 1 virus which completely took down my computer. Between all of that I have been taking some classes, and then a bit of travel, so here we are ... phew! Unfortunately, I can't edit, or sign or anything on this older computer, it just can't handle too much, but at least we are up and running again.
OK, this just caught my eye - my sister had these tulips in front of a basket of oranges, and I liked the way the deep pink played against the orange. Sometimes, it's just that simple.

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