Monday, September 28

an important issue ...
I saw this on one of the blogs I follow - Rock Paper Scissors. I am not a store owner. But I do believe in supporting your local economy. If you are lucky enough to live in a town with a "Main Street", then you are lucky indeed. My local downtown is within walking distance of our suburban home - we have a toy/stationary/variety store, a few jewelers, florist, home goods and furnishings, and so many more. We have an old fashioned ice-cream parlor/coffee shop that has been open since the 1920's, with a counter, homemade ice cream, and a smile served with the best darn burgers you can imagine. And oh do they make the best fries! We have a great pub with delicious food. We have a store for ices, dry cleaners, and much more. And here's the thing - when I go to these stores, many times I can find something that I can't find at the larger chains. I love some of those other stores, so don't get me wrong. But if I can shop closer to home, I help out a small store, save gas, and a ton of time. Because I can be in and out of these stores in the time it takes to find a parking space at the mall. And they know who I am too. Shop local. Its important. Thanks for listening.

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