Tuesday, September 29

this and that

No, he isn't eating 2 apples - he is holding his sister's for her while she tied her sneakers! I love this smile. Any pictures I take of this kid, he is all smiles. He is one of those kids whose whole heart shows on their face. He is a sweetheart. (good thing he doesn't read blogs - he'd be sooo embarrassed right now!)

Its been pretty quiet here. Jamie is playing football for the first time and LOVING it. Kate is still riding. A few colds circulating around the house and one husband home sick. So we've been laying sort of low around here.

Some new things going on at the blog ... I added a list of blogs I follow, and that is growing all the time. Please check out any one of these great sites - for pleasure, inspiration, projects ... it's all there. I will keep adding more as I go. Another new thing is the slide show to the right. It is all the photos on the blog. A little inspiration and a look back.