Monday, October 26

busy days …

October 2009 029

Busy busy busy …. My birthday was last week, and three days later is my dad’s.  This year, my sister had lunch for everyone at her house, and this is the cake I brought.   It is red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  Delicious.  The best red velvet I’ve ever had. 

It is funny, when I was little (who am I kidding ? I still say it now) I would tell my dad I was the best birthday present he ever got.  (Only the youngest child and a true Daddy’s Girl can get away with that!)   This year, my daughter went right up to him and said so!  It was funny to hear – she definitely is her mom’s girl! 

I had a wonderful birthday.  I had over 200 people wish me a happy day – how could it have been less than wonderful?  Well, it got better, with a delicious dinner out, a yummy chocolate cake, my sweet darlings, and some great presents.   Who could ask for anything more? 


  1. So happy you had a wonderful day!! that cake looks so yummy!!!! save a piece for me. have a great day!

  2. Happy belated bday to you!
    And hope you have a great Halloween with your kids!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I love hearing from another Long Islander!