Thursday, October 15

just checking in …

August 2009 PA 004

Just checking in to say hello! I have not posted this week. It has been a little busy, with home and work and the kids too. So posting had to take a bit of a back seat. I was looking for pictures to post, but then I realized that the last 200 pictures I have taken have all been football! oops! (By the way, our boys won their second game!) I wanted to take some of the fall decorations I put up, but the weather is not cooperating. I did put out some mums and faux pumpkins but the wind and the rain do not make for great pictures. It is even a bit gloomy inside. At least the fall harvest fair was a success, despite some iffy weather. Hope it clears in time for this week’s Oyster Festival!

I took this picture this summer on the way to Pennsylvania, but hadn’t posted it. If you look over the side of the bridge, you see this little town nestled in the valley. I always wish we could stop and take a picture, but there is no shoulder there, and there are always a lot of cars. So this year, I just rolled down the window and snapped as we went by. Not too bad, right? (I won’t even tell you how fast he was going!) One day, I will get this when it is sunny out. It looks so pretty then!

More soon, promise!

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  1. we've been having that same gloomy weather. yesterday was beautiful though. i bet that town is really charming. good picture. congrats to your boys!! keep the wins coming.