Tuesday, October 20

blue skies

October 09 022

Finally the sun is back!  It is so nice to see!   We had such rainy, dreary days!  I finally got a chance to take a quick snap of the stoop.  (I do not like the stoop at all.  Next year, I think, it will be replaced by a front porch. I love front porches!)   My mums are not coming in too much, but we did get a little pumpkin-y!  Some are real and some are faux.  Can you tell which?   I liked the idea of our last initial on a pumpkin, and it turned out well, so I will probably think of some more to decorate like it.  It is a LOT less messy than carving.  The kids picked their pumpkins yesterday, and are VERY excited to carve theirs.  Instead of a candle, I will get them each an inexpensive flashlight from the variety store in town.   October 09 024

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  1. i love your front stoop. very festive!! i have always wanted a front porch too.