Tuesday, November 3

well …

Horse show 110109 151

Good days, and bad … On Sunday, our baby did a good job at the horse show.  Even with a broken nose, a cold, and long delays.  We are, as ever, proud of her.  I am hoping that among the skills she takes from this sport are grace, good sportsmanship, and confidence.  

The next day, yesterday, we were in a car accident.  Bad days indeed.   Fortunately, we all seem to be alright.   Someone wasn’t looking where they were going, or in a rush to beat the light, and in trying to make a left turn into an intersection, turned about 20 feet too soon – right into the side of our car.   It was like a scene from a bad horror movie – we could see her turning into our car, but we couldn’t avoid her without hitting at least one other car.   The noise was horrific and our baby was so so scared.  This woman did a LOT of damage to the car.  Both doors, a tire and rim, the back bumper, and part of the front right panel are toast.  We’ll definitely need a wheel alignment as the whole back tire is crooked.  We don’t know about the frame.   It’s a pretty new car too, and not a scratch until yesterday.  She pulled back into the proper lane and put her glasses on before the police and fire department arrived.  They, by the way, were kind and wonderful to us. 

There is an upside – remember those old Saturn commercials where the people all walked away from the accident?  They totally weren’t lying.  With the amount of damage that was done, it is a miracle we weren’t hurt.  That car is so solidly built, No plastic panels you can push in.  Solid American Steel.   That’s our car below – and that’s the color too … ocean mist. I am convinced that if we were in our old mini-van, my husband would definitely have been seriously hurt.     It’s a shame to see any American business go under, but this one put out a product that surpassed my every expectation.  It kept my baby safe.  What a beautiful machine ….



  1. Thank God you all are okay after your car crash! How scary! Congrats to your baby on her ribbon~I remember when my baby(now 26) used to ride & we'd attend horseshow after horseshow every weekend! :) chris p.s. thanks for visiting today!

  2. that is so scary stephanie. i am so glad you are ok. did you tell the cops that she didn't have her glasses on?

  3. We were going to, but I did not want to pester him, and the witness saw it too, so I knew if she lied about it, we had proof. Her insurance company has already taken 100% liability, even without the police report being in, so we are okay on that end. Thanks ladies, for the kids words!