Wednesday, November 4

more horsing around …

I love that little “biting back a grin” look. Her events done, a long day, and the helmet comed off, and the glow comes out. Not her prettiest picture, she was tired, and had a runny nose. But her hardest event was her highest score and place. Can you see the little swagger in her step? The chin held high? Let that grin out, baby girl. Let it out.


  1. so cute!! you can see it in her face that she had a long day and is glad to be done. and that she is proud but trying to keep that under wraps. congrats to her!!! how did she break her nose? poor thing.

  2. that's awesome. congrats to her. how did she break her nose?

  3. She turned around really quick in school and banged it against the wall ... sigh ....