Tuesday, November 10

I go a walkin’ …

apple picking and new paltz 082

I realized nearly every picture I have taken lately has been either my daughter riding, or my son playing football…. oops … so I have been wondering what to post that is a little different… and here we are.  We recently took a day trip up to New Paltz – this year was the first time I went into the town.  Well, just past the main street you take a right turn, and you get to the block which is the oldest street in America.  How cool is that?  I love history, and the old houses on this block certainly convey that … old stone … apple picking and new paltz 053

deep sills (that window sill was at least  a foot deep)

apple picking and new paltz 068

and doors (can you believe how deep those doors are?  and that lovely old transom… sigh … my heart is going pitter patter for that transom …)

apple picking and new paltz 078

a family could take shelter in that doorway … they just don’t make them like that anymore .

Hope you enjoyed the trip down a shady old street with me … imagining another place …

apple picking and new paltz 065

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