Monday, January 4

i’m in love, yeah, I’m a believer …


Have I waxed rhapsodically about my Kindle yet?  I read, a lot … my husband and children might tell you I read a bit too much.  Most days, I read a book every day.   Which is why I love my Kindle.   I’ve used an e-book since the early days, when it was a huge reader the size and weight of a hardcover.  It was big, and expensive, and eventually, they discontinued it, and the compatible books.   Next came the Sony e-reader.  It is great, small, lightweight.  And it has gotten better since they changed formats (mine is still getting serviced for the update) with a ton of free books and content.   You can even borrow books from your library on e-book.   Of the three though, the Kindle is my favorite.  It is the instant access, streamlined white perfection I adore.  It combines all the good parts of the others, with instant gratification.   It is especially good if you like to read while doing other things… you can turn the page with a little finger … And not only are the books less expensive than buying them in regular form, but no trees had to be sacrificed, and no gas wasted to run to the store.   Especially lovely on cold and rainy days … Picture this … we meet for drinks and books on the beach I posted a few days ago …. no need to go back to your room when your book is done, just order up a new one instantly …   I still love traditional books.  Love them.  But this little love affair won’t be ending anytime soon. 





  1. i always wonder about those. i love new technology. it's so fun, but i am a girl that like to hold things in her hands. like the real things-books. it would be nice to take one instead 5 when i travel. i might have to look deeper into this option.

  2. That is one of my favorite things about it - if we are away with the kids, it is usually an early night, so I tend to go through a few books... plus you can try a sample of any book you want to try. I love holding real books too - but the two things don't have to be exclusive ... I use both.