Tuesday, January 5

oh the places I’ll go …

Among the places that I long to go?  Shutters on the Beach in California.  Now,  I want to go to California as a whole, but I really want to go to Shutters … I’ll take a room with a balcony, overlooking the beach, please …


You’ll find me, kindle in one hand, icy cold drink in another … lounging by the pool ….


What a lovely place to come back to relax…


Click here to check it out … and if you are very lucky, to check in …



(photos via Google Images … copyright information was not located, but it the images are protected, and the owner of  same would like them removed, please contact me and they will be immediately removed.) 


  1. oh my what a beautiful place. i will join you. you'll know me when i get there because i will be lugging the duffle bag full of books. haha.

    while i'm here, i do shoot raw. i have been reading lots lately about pros who don't shoot raw and why. they say if you get it right in camera you don't need raw.?.

    and i have 3 camera bags and dislike everyone of them for one reason or another. i should design my own. i am heading to nashville this weekend for a big photography expo. i will keep my eye out for the perfect bag for us and let you know.

  2. Thanks Traci! I really appreciate the input ... I shot the Jan. 6th photo raw, and I really had fun playing with the light ... I am itching to get outside to take some more shots, but it is in the dreary stages right now (and not dreary - moody - cool, just dreary-blah!) and it is so cold out that I don't think the camera will do well at below 15 degrees... Definitely keep me posted on the bag! You're the best .... we'll definitely have to meet at the pool ....