Thursday, January 14

river view …

Vintage summer

It is funny to me how 40 degrees seems so much warmer on the way up than it does on the way down!  In comparison to the frigid temperatures we have been having, it is practically spring!  Over here, I am still playing with some of the vintage looks, and I am wondering why I keep going back to that look ?  I usually prefer a very sharp photograph.  I guess I’m longing for some old-time vintage summer…

Today, we had the most gorgeous golden light at about 4:00 here, but  it lasted just a minute or two, and I didn’t make it to get a picture … it looked like the room was glowing … I hope we get some of that tomorrow – I’ll be waiting for it!  



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  1. Its totally true! The same temperature in the fall feels freezing while in the spring its enough to throw a party. Can't wait until spring is actually here.