Thursday, January 21

still feeling that down south love …

Still reminiscing - although a little farther north, in Colonial Williamsburg.   Have you been?  It’s worth a trip, or a trip back .   Walking, talking, step right up history.  1111111111 A view of the Governor’s Palace, from the gardens… 11111111 A horse and buggy ride through the streets …

111111111There were many people portraying colonists of the period …  11111111111 Gardens, pathways, and mazes …

1111111 The kitchen at the Governor’s Palace … 111111111111111And the kitchen garden … I want a kitchen garden.  I really do.   It doesn’t have to be this big – I’m not greedy.1111111111111111




  1. Stephanie! Oh thank you for your visit! This is a beautiful new post! I have been waiting to see a new post from you. Thank you so much for your well wishes; they are most appreciated. Your sunny images of this wonderful town are very pleasant and bring back fond memories of my trip there about 22 years ago!

    Bisous, Anita

  2. I was delighted you took time to visit me today and leave a comment. I have not been to this lovely place, but do hope one day to go. I think that is such a lovely part of the country. This is my first visit to your blog, but will try to do better.

  3. Stephanie, I left a previous comment and stated this was my first visit to your blog. That is not true, it is just that I am having a senior moment.