Wednesday, January 20

more southern charm …

That Savannah post really brought back some good memories of the South.  I may be a New Yorker at heart, but I love the South, and definitely want to see more of it … One of our best times down south was at the Jekyll Island Club, on Jekyll Island, Georgia.   I had wanted to go there for years after I read the book, Jekyl Island Club by Brent Monahan, but when I first looked into it, I heard it was very run down for years.  Turns out, it had been beautifully restored. We had a wonderful stay there, and the kids really enjoyed the children’s program… 111111111111111111

Below is the view of the pool from the main hotel turret – a gorgeous suite that is part of the hotel tour you can take.  The Club was built by J.D. Rockefeller and friends as a winter hunting retreat.  11111111111111

Those privileged few got to stay in the main “Clubhouse” or at one of their own “cottages” that they built.  Not exactly little shacks, are they? 531271719109_0_ALB

Some of these are part of the hotel.


Some are open for guests to tour …


Some are not open at all.  Some are gone forever.  But this is a beautiful place to come, unwind, see a little history, and do as much or as little as you please. 


These live oaks are all over the property.  The South does have these beautiful old oaks … those are my little darlings.  (I’m only including them because you can’t really see their faces.  I’m still pretty shocked to see my baby on someone else’s webpage!)

11111111111111111 This was the entry to our hotel room.  


This is a private chapel that was built for the members of the club back in the day … 11111111111111111111

It holds this gem – a stained glass window, installed and signed by Louis Comfort Tiffany.   These men had and could demand the very best.  Now, photography is not generally allowed, but since I had just a little point and shoot, and begged nicely, the caretaker allowed me a photo.  Beautiful, isn’t it?


Let me know your favorite vacation spots…       



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  1. what a beautiful place. i wouldn't want to go home. i love any vacation!!!!