Tuesday, January 19

a thing of beauty …

   Just this past week, Janean over at Old Sweetwater Cottage posted about Charleston (I do adore Charleston) and then later, on wrought iron.  (Click on any of the links above – she is a real sweetie!) I’ve never been to New Orleans, which is supposed to have gorgeous wrought iron, but I can tell you, Savannah is definitely a contender for most beautiful city.  The iron work is stunning. 

Savannah 4

It is one of the prettiest places to visit.  Though I definitely recommend NOT going in August.  During a heat wave.  Just saying. 


These were some quick snaps I took with an old point and shoot digital I had – before I got the big daddy DSLR.   The balconies I snapped from a moving trolley – not too bad, if I say so myself!

Savannah 2

I loved all these scrolls – so pretty for something so functional!   And then one last shot – which has nothing to do with iron work, but is a pretty little picture of the fountain in Forsyth Park .

Savannah 3

For a northern girl, I sure love me some south!   Thanks to Janean for bringing up some great memories!




  1. Stephanie, thank you for the compliments! Hey, I had forgotten about Savannah! The river front was a favorite of ours. I agree, go during their "cooler" season. The wrought iron is too beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a neat wrought iron show you gave us today. All the iron work is truly beautiful. Sounds like a great place for a vacation.

  3. Hello Stephanie!
    new to your blog ... love this post with the wrought iron work - great pictures!!!
    Inspired Living Spaces