Thursday, January 28

this bud’s for you …

Flower 3x3

So many lovely people have stopped by here for the first time this last week or so.  It is wonderful to meet you all.  I have to say, you ladies of blogland are so kind and gracious!  So a very warm welcome to The Neo-Traditionalist,  Thoughts from Meme's Corner, French Garden House.  Sande at a Gift Wrapped Life, My Passport to Style, Angie Muresan, Count it All Joy, Lucy's Lounge at Tutti Chic, and Gena at Naturally Inspired Designs.  Aren’t I the luckiest girl?  Be sure to stop by and say hello if you haven’t seen their pages.

And if I am going to mention lovely people, I simply cannot forget three of the nicest ladies I’ve met here – I’ve mentioned them all before, and they all have such great pages. I really encourage you to stop by any and all of these pages for inspiration and good company:  Jeanne of Collage of Life and In One Place, Traci Thorson Photography, and Janean at Old Sweetwater Cottage.   In coming weeks I’ll be sure to mention some of my other favorites … Kathleen, Kim, so many more … oh so many delightful pages ….

Thanks to each and every one of you for taking the time to create such beautiful web pages, and for leaving your kind comments.




  1. What a sweet post! Thank you for the welcome and YOU are welcome to the The Neo-Traditionalist whenever you like! So enjoy your comments and am happy we've connected!
    XX Kate

  2. Your so sweet! Thanks for the mention and I love your bud..and then the snow..oh dear!