Thursday, January 28

slight chance of flurries with no accumulation …

january 001

january 002 january 004 january 003

An extra post today, in honor of snow.  This is just one hour into it from my back door. (I wasn’t going to go past the back door, other than taking Kate to the bus stop.  It is cold out there!)  Looking at the post in the third picture, I would say that is about 2 inches so far.   They say there is a 30% chance of snow today, starting later in the day.  I wonder if weathermen have windows in their offices?




  1. Oh man---looks like the weathermen are a bit off their game today! Enjoy the snowflakes!
    XX Kate
    P.S. Wish I could meet this grandmother of yours, she sounds pretty impressive if you ask me!

  2. Stay warm..make hot chocolate and read another book! You lucky thing :)

  3. Just looking and reading your post makes me even colder. It is cold here, but nothing like that. We are suppose to get some ice tonight and Friday. Trust the weather man misses.

  4. LOL, this is SO true! We were supposed to "maybe" get snow tomorrow. I was in my son's classroom this morning and the kids all began oohing and ahhing over the snow that had started falling. The flakes were so big and heavy it was like white leaves falling from the trees!

  5. Stephanie dearest! Thank you for coming by to congratulate me on my defense!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Oh thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness!!! Bisous, Anita