Friday, January 29

can you believe …

001that all that snow melted by 3:00!  The sun came out about an hour later, and melted it all away.  It was a very light snow, but still, we did have over 2 inches! 

I snapped this picture from the cookbook I took it from so I apologize for the quality.  My family ate it up before I got a photo of the real deal.  It was definitely a cold and windy day, so I decided to make this little treat as a side dish for dinner.  Easy and good – if not particularly good for you.  Although it isn’t the worst thing in the world, and certainly fine as a once and a while treat – I only made it twice all year.  But the children, you see, love it.  You take a bag of frozen fries and bake them in the oven according to the directions.  Then you sprinkle it with a little bit of bacon – two slices are plenty – and cheddar cheese and green onions diced up small and pop it under the broiler for just a minute until the cheese melts.  Serve it with ranch dressing, or sour cream if you prefer.   It’s like baked potatoes as finger food.  As I said, I make it for the children, but the husband likes it too!   A little foodie break from the usual post here, but sometimes in the winter, you have to be bad and have a little comfort food!



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  1. oh my gosh - yum. sinful buy fabulous. i haven't had those in a long time. probably a good thing. i could eat the whole platter.