Friday, January 29

thinking of …

May and June 2009 110 copy

… how long it is until these beauties are back in the garden. I can’t wait! I have a row about 40 feet long of gorgeous blue hydrangeas … I’m waiting …

(I needed to post something pretty after that baked – fry post!)

Also, since January is nearly gone, a quick resolution check: I have definitely been trying to enjoy the moments a little more. As you saw from the book post, I am simplifying, a little at a time. I am about three little finger twitches from picking up a paint brush… I’m working on being a little less snappy with my answers, even if they’re funny. And when I didn’t manage to bite my tongue, I immediately tried to soften my words. I have made a commitment to eating healthier – last night’s dinner not withstanding! I have definitely been inspired by all your wonderful pages. I still haven’t tried yoga. Or gotten any travel in yet. But I will – promise! Other than that, almost every night before they go off to bed, I have been having a little book and cuddle time with the kids. We all meet in my room, snuggle up on the big old sleigh bed, and read for a bit before they go off to bed. It doesn’t get better than that!

Have a wonderful weekend!




  1. 40 feet of hydrangeas! That must be sight to see! I love hydrangeas and have a few myself.


  2. Ohhhhh, these are my favorite! That blue is so magical, rare and mystic! Thanks for coming by for a slice of bread!!!! Anita

  3. i love hydrangeas. i don't have any. i need some. beautiful.

  4. Sounds fantastic to me! Great photo Stephanie!