Monday, February 1

another place I must see

This is the only photo I was able to get, but I think it is enough to whet your appetite!  This is A Cowboy's Dream in Nevada.  It is so gorgeous I can’t even tell you.  You have to go check it out on the site.  And if you do, don’t just look at the rooms, tour the property as well.   This is being added to my must see spots.  It is an eight-room B&B this lovely woman dedicated to the memory of her husband.  Apparently it was a lifelong dream of theirs.   Now, from what I have seen and read on-line, this is not your typical B&B.  Think LUXE, with custom details, and tons of cowboy charm … I swoon.  I really do.   If you go, pay special attention to the towel racks that appear in some of the room tours.   I want one.  And it would not even go in my bath.  But it sure would make me smile when I stepped out of the shower!  If you are lucky enough to have been, please let me know if it is as divine as it looks. 




  1. Oh can't wait to go take a look! I want to sit out on the patio with a glass of wine and listen to country tunes! XO

  2. i am off to check it out now. looks gorgeous.