Tuesday, February 2

can i possibly justify …


It is soooo tempting, isn’t it?  I don’t need it.  I have a smart phone.  I have an e-book. 2 of them, to be precise.  But what a lovely little toy!   hmmm … I have until April to decide.  It would make a lovely little spring surprise.  




  1. Hi Stephanie..
    Just caught up on your beautiful pics!
    We still have little patches of snow. Just went down to the Bay and it is frozen.

    You should take part in Outdoor Wednesday..you take such beautiful pictures!
    Think about it!!
    Thanks for always visiting, you are so sweet to remember!
    Can't wait to see your blue hydrangeas..I love them...have you propagated any yourself??..so easy!

  2. YES!..No hesitation there...I would get it! I do not have a kindle and have started to think that it would make life so much easier especially when I am in the midst of two large books that are a major hassle to drag around. The only questions I still have is what do I drag all these things around in???
    Jeanne :)

  3. Get it..........life is short. I think it might be so fabulous and I want one too. I waited to see how the ereader would stack up and thinking it would be worth it and cheaper as I do buy alot of books. Sounds good to me.
    A Gift Wrapped Life

  4. I want one too! I'm going to start saving my pennies. They're just too cute and would be so fun to throw in my purse! XO

  5. oh i know. i want one too. i only have my big laptop, so i think i really need one of these.