Tuesday, February 23

it isn’t over yet …


I am inspired by the gorgeous colors, shapes and scents of flowers.  My father used to say that plants come to my house to die.  But I’ve been getting better.   Some plants have now lived for years, with the all-time record breaker coming in at six years. 

Some asked what I did in the last photographs. I went manual on my camera.  I use a Canon DSLR, and have a variety of lenses.  I used to shoot all on the automatic settings, which still gave me some nice shots.  Last year I tried using some of the creative settings on the camera.  Now, I went manual, where I adjust the individual settings on the camera.  For example, for the fountains, the “trick” I referred to was setting the shutter speed to 1/4000th.  That is how I got the individual droplets to show in the water stream.  I am really enjoying learning more about my camera and photography.

These photographs were taken at the second greenhouse on the same property as the camellias from earlier this week.  It was lush, tropical, and hot. Not bad after a cold snowy walk.  Can you imagine having two huge greenhouses for your own private enjoyment, like the Coe family did at Planting Fields?    The camellia greenhouse they called the “Little Greenhouse”.  I’d take one little one, thanks.  More photos follow.  Hope you’re all having a great week. 







  1. Hi Stephanie!

    Isn't it fun to turn off auto and go manual. What a world it opens up!

    I love these photos. Fabulous!

    I'm working on a post, for tomorrow. It will have the camellias. I still have lots of orchid photos and may add them here and there along the way. I love the camellias and the house where they live at Mo Botanical Garden.

    J is the gardener at our house. He brought an orchid home from the Garden, Saturday. I brought home a little rabbit reading a book.;-) Statuary is my gift to gardening at our house. I tend to lose plants.

  2. keep up the great work!!! what lens are you using?

  3. Thanks for sharing your photo tricks Stephanie....I appreciate it. I started to learn manual, then got lazy with auto, now I want more, more so back to the intense learning curve of manual.It's wonderful when bloggers share their knowledge so generously. XO

  4. I needed to see flowers. It makes me think and hope spring is coming. Beautiful pics