Wednesday, February 24

can you believe …

That these are all cacti?  (A word that my brain always processes first as “cactuses”, and then corrects.)  I’ve never seen a white cactus before.  And I love the ones that look like flowers.  So pretty, which is not a phrase you usually associate with a cactus.  Only one more day of flowers after this.  Even these prickly beauties warmed me up on a winter’s day. 


IMG_4018 IMG_4035

IMG_4019 IMG_4024 


IMG_4020 IMG_4021


 IMG_4032 IMG_4033

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  1. Wow - these are fabulous pictures. Living in Arizona I thought I'd seen every kind of cactus, but now I think not - never saw a white one, or several of the ones you have pictured here. Fun post!