Wednesday, February 24

RIP my faithful friend


It happened.  I finally read too much.  My Kindle is dead.    But don’t be too sad for me.  In a stunning display of customer service, Amazon is sending me a replacement Kindle, with a total turn around time of less than 24 hours since I called them.  How is that for service? To up the ante, they already sent me a list of the over 300 samples I downloaded since I first got the device last May.    A list that would have been impossible to recreate, even though I had read most of the ones I downloaded already. 

And if I was impressed before, I am even more so now.  They are sending me the newest version.  About 2 months after I got mine, a new version came out which can be used internationally. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)  I just realized today that they are sending the newest one.  I love you, Amazon.  I really do. 

Happy Reading!




  1. You are one lucky gal! I had a similar experience with my Nespresso machine. It stopped working, they sent someone to pick it up and left me one to use while it is being fixed. Now that is what I call service. I guess we are two lucky gals :)

  2. oh no!!. did they replace it for free? that's pretty good. should be back in your hands today huh?

  3. It's already here - the books are on it and I am ready to go! Hooray for Amazon!

  4. yay for getting a replacement...and so quickly. that deserves a "double yay!!"

  5. Happy reading to you and your new best friend! Leigh

  6. Holy smokes, well that worked out well, didn't it! I think I may need to try one out for size. I don't know how I'll feel about reading on the screen, but it's just so nifty, I'm willing to try! Go Amazon and good for you for doing so much reading!!! XOXO

  7. Kindle me crazy, but I don't have one so I'm a bit envious of you. But, you're a fab woman, so you deserve the new, super-deluxe one.

    We're heading to South America next week for a getaway and to antique/meet local artisans. I so wish I weren't hauling books around:-(

    Happy for you! What's your next book?