Tuesday, February 16

it was one of those times

When all the work was definitely worth it!  My grandmother was so sweet at her party.  She was adorable.Nani's 100th 021410 025

My sister took her to church that morning, where they gave her flowers and cut a cake in her honor.  She usually goes to church closer to home, but they went all out since my sister told the priest she was coming.  He asked her in front of the congregation what words of wisdom she had to offer on reaching 100.  The answer could have been embarrassing (trust me, I know her very well!) but she said, “Love God, and your family.  That’s all I’ve got.”  Perfect.  100 years in five words.

Nani's 100th 021410 030

Above is her granddaughter and great granddaughter. Below is her niece.

Nani's 100th 021410 034

Nani's 100th 021410 042

With all but two of her great grandchildren.   Someone took one of all her grandkids and our spouses, and I will have to get that soon.  Altogether we had about 50 people here for her.

Nani's 100th 021410 053 

Nani's 100th 021410 045

Nani's 100th 021410 076

Nani's 100th 021410 097

With her niece who came from France just for her party.   (She is that sweet!) 

Nani's 100th 021410 105

Nani's 100th 021410 104

And some old photos of her from the 40’s.  We put up a few old photos of her.  Her comment – “oh, don’t look a me now that I’m old.  I was a looker!”

She told me about a dozen times, “you spent too much money, you went through too much trouble.”  And then later: “This was the best birthday I ever had in my whole life.  No one ever had a party like this for me before.”    

It is a fact of life, but a sad one, that many times she is beginning to be quiet and withdrawn. Not all the time; it comes and goes.  In a crowd, she will be off on her own, instead of in the middle for about a year now.   On her birthday, though, she was fully alert and attentive, and so appreciative.  It was so worth every effort to make her happy.  We had her all day yesterday too as my sister is flying home, as is my cousin from France.  She said – “you’ve made me so happy, Stephanie, can I stay here tonight instead of going home?”  She did, and was so happy when I sent her home with the flowers from her party.   It was a very good day for a very special lady.  (Please check out the post below for the details and photos.)

In the words of my grandmother – love your God, and your family.




  1. Beautiful post. Oh my your so lucky. I miss my Grandma so much. We were so close. She's such a lovely lady and I thank you so much for sharing this with us. Thank you for stopping by. The windmill picture is one of my favorites I took. It's just so peaceful there. Winona

  2. Touching! What a blessing to still have her, and for you all to show her all that love..
    Wonderful post!

  3. Great family pix and your grandmother is adorable! Happy 100th birthday to her!!! xo

  4. What a blessing you still have your grandmother. She looks so good for 100. I know she had a ball at the lovely party. She looks like someone that has truly enjoyed her life and made the most of it.

  5. Oh Stephanie!
    I am so late in coming to visit you! I was back in my classroom today and so busy. I saw that you awarded me!!! I am so behind in honoring some awards.....Thank you for even thinking of me as an inspiring blog! YOUR GRANDMOTHER IS AMAZING! What wonderful pictures.....what is her secret? SHARE IT WITH US!!!!!

    Have a blessed week and thank you so very much for this honor. Anita

  6. Happy 100th to your lovely, beautiful Grandmother. What an amazing woman and what an amazing life! Blessings to her and to you, Stephanie.

  7. what a sweet, wise woman your grandmother is. looks like you had a wonderful party for her. i bet she is still thinking about it. and she's right - she is a looker!!

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    such a lovely post ... I love old people, large families, old phtoos and great memories - this is soooo special!

  9. We have a wall at my family home with photographs of grandparents, all of whom I've never met. They are moving to look at as I cannot help but think of lives I've missed. You are so lucky to have your grandma with you now, though I know it's hard to see her ailing.

    Thank you, hon, for the congrats! I hope you like reading forthcoming articles.

  10. I just teared up reading all this! What a wonderful party you threw for such an amazing woman. She's so lucky to have you all and you're so lucky to have her. Thank you for making my evening. XOXOXO