Wednesday, February 17

my grandmother sends her thanks

February 2010 003

One last grandmother post today.  This is her the 1920’s. 

I told my grandmother all the kind things people posted about her, and she was very grateful.  I told her people wanted to know her secret – and she laughed.  She said:  “If you wake up in the morning and you’re still breathing, then you’re alive.”   After a “gee, thanks!” I realized that pretty much is her secret.  She has outlived her husband and both of her children.  She has lived through wars, the Depression, and the passing of all thirteen of her siblings.   But she wakes up every day, and says thank you for another day.  No matter what happens to her, she knows she is still alive and appreciates that. 

She always lived in the moment.   Never suntanned, or smoked.   Always looked to the enjoying of life.  I remember coming home from school one day when I was about 6 and finding her in a couture dress with a mink over it, hair and make-up done, with full jewelry.  She had set the table for tea, made little cakes and cookies for us, and sat down to tea as if she were the Queen.  She did things like that for us.  Worked when it was time to work, and then played when it was time to play. 

And that, my friends, is not at all a bad recipe for living to 100.




  1. Stephanie, your grandmother was a gorgeous woman then and a gorgeous woman now. We can all learn from that recipe of living life fully.

  2. Stephanie! Once again I am impressed and amazed by all that you do.

    FIrst off congratulations on a stunning family gathering. Being the oldest of six and many more where we came from I now what an incredible feat it is to pull off an event like this.

    You are one brave and obviously very talented lady. Your family is gorgeous...all having fun, look at those smiles! Your grandmother, god bless her, just having a ball! You are all so so lucky to have her!!

    What a stunning photograph of her and the earlier ones as well..there is a story there, we need more!

    And dear Stephanie, I noticed you conveniently left your name out of the photos but you have to be there somewhere...where are you:)

    I say all this with laptop on the counter while cooking eggplant parmesan, garlic bread and steak...can I do all this without burning it?

    I think not but I had to write!! More later...glad to see all is well and will be back in touch!!

    PS...I thought of you right away when I saw the book have to have one!! I am going to order a bunch more so stay tuned!

    Jeanne x

  3. PS... Did I say how much I love this have to frame it...there are lots of things you can do with it...have you thought about putting a book together to commemorate her 100th...

    Do you have a Mac? I love making video's on it, so easy..I will save that for later....:):):)

  4. i love the way she thinks. amazing.

  5. Wow, she was beautiful and still is. I just read about her birthday! Absolutely lovely.

  6. My grandmother will be 90 this year, and she sounds a lot like your grandmother. She ALWAYS shielded her face from the sun and has such beautiful skin still. My grandma never really drank alcohol, but she does enjoy a margarita from time to time when she goes out for Mexican food. LOL.

    The photo of your grandmother is stunning!


  7. dear Stephanie,
    what a fantastic blog! Loved the photos and posts on your grandmother, she is so fortunate to have a lovely family to celebrate her special day and the luncheon looked fantastic-congratulations on a job well done. My daughter is a Valentine Bday--very special and lucky too! Thank you for your lovely comment on Hampton Hostess today-I look forward to future posts

  8. "Worked when it was time to work..." and tea like the queen. What lovely memories, your family has been blessed with both her abilities and longevity.

  9. What a stunner she was (and still is) --- I love the tea party story! I hope I can be like that to my own children and grandchildren someday! What an inspiration she is... XOXO