Thursday, February 18

a little bit of Greek style …

February 2010 001

I’ve always been in love with the colors of Greece.  As many blues as you can imagine.  There is a golden quality to the light that is just gorgeous.   And, oh, the sunsets.  Forget candlelight, ladies.  Have your picture taken at sunset in Greece – talk about glow!  The cross above is one that my father brought home from a trip to Athens, where he was visiting friends.  I’ve had it for years, and it’s had a few homes around the house. 

February 2010 004 

And this is a photo from a Taschen book I bought last year, called Greek Style.   So as far as I can tell, my father was about 4 years ahead of the trend.  Nice work, dad.   (I have already told him that if he does go back, I want one in turquoise too!)   I wish my scanner were behaving.  I would love to show you some pictures of my trips to Greece.  As soon as I get it all sorted out, you’ll be the first to know.   I also saw a photography course for September in Greece that I would love to take … I’ll look for the link and post that one soon.  

Thanks to all of you for your kind and thoughtful comments on my grandmother.   Your good hearts really shine through.




  1. What a beautiful memento you father brought back to you. I have only been to Greece once and will always remember it fondly---it was January, but the sun was still shining. What a treat! XO

  2. Oh that blue! Nothing says "Greece" like it. I'll have to look out for the Taschen's book you've mentioned. Their books are fantastic aren't they? Re The Thirteenth Tale...I'm still reading it and is, so far, wonderful. I've heard it described as a book for book lovers and I would have to agree. I'm only half way through, but I would definitely recommend it. Meredith xo.

  3. Very pretty necklaces... never been to Greece but also loved all their colors... have a nice one!

  4. Stephanie, thank you for the lovely comments over at my blog, I thought I would come over to you for a visit. When I was 18, I went Eurorailing and I ended up in Greece, I stayed for a year. The Blue and white coastal villages of Greece complimented by the deep, deep Blue of the Agean Sea, will be imprinted on my memory for ever, your post has brought it all back to me. I have scrolled through your blog and love it. Your Grandmother, wow what a beauty.