Friday, February 19

an oldie …

greece 1

This is an oldie, but I wanted to show you a small example of what I meant about the light in Greece.  It is about 25 years old – thus explaining those really snazzy outfits! – and the photo quality is so poor, but just look at that sunlight.  I think it gives a feel for the light.

By the way, that is me on the right in the yellow, with my sister and mother.  We were visiting an historic church, further explaining the really snazzy outfits!  (My mother never wore pants in a church and expected the same of us.  To this day I just cannot do it.)  Yellow is not my color, and I don’t wear it anymore.  Not to mention those prairie skirts used to add a good ten pounds. What we do in the name of fashion!

I look SO excited in this photo, don’t I?  Only a fifteen year old can get away with that face!  And yes, if you were wondering, I still have very long hair!

These last two pictures were taken by a friend of mine at her hotel on a recent trip to Greece.  Hope you enjoy.






  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous, I've been craving a trip to Greece

  2. Beautiful pictures - and cute one of you with your mom and sister! :o)

    I have always wanted to go to Greece! SOMEDAY I will!!!

  3. greece looks amazing. that water is breathtaking.

  4. The water and sky always look so amazingly blue in any photo I've ever seen of Greece!


  5. I love this sea-view. Makes me wanna be there!!

  6. Stephanie,
    Do you know that since I was a small child, I had always wanted to go to Greece for my honeymoon!!!! THAT WATER is FAIRY TALE ALL THE WAY! Are you Greek dearest? Well, then, this may be another get-away for me to write about. What a fabulous shot of you and your mom and sister. We seem to be of the same era......Thanks for visiting me today! Anita