Wednesday, March 17

a little love to share

First things first – A very Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all.  This is not a St Patrick’s Day post – it’s been a bit hectic here, and I am a little behind schedule.  The real post follows:

Anyone who has been around here a bit has heard me rave about Traci Thorson's amazing photos.  Visit her page for a treat, and her Etsy shop here where you can pick up some of her beautiful photographs.   You’ll be glad you did. 

A new love of mine is the photography of Mary Swenson, who graciously gave me permission to post some of her photos here.  Her website is Pretty Good, but trust me, it’s a whole  lot better than pretty good.   Pretty amazing is more like it. 




Beautiful scenery, small objects, whatever her subject, she captures it in a fresh and beautiful way, then adds a few sweet words.  I really hope you will all visit her site.  

She has a number of prints available in her shop, here.  Like Traci’s, these are very reasonably priced.  They’re a whole lot of pretty for not a lot of money.   And they make my world a happier place.

I can’t resist a few more (there were so many more I would have picked too) … hope you love them as much as I do.






All images are the property of Mary Swenson, and are protected by copyright.  Please do not use or copy them without her express permission.  Thank you.


  1. How sweet! I love, love, love the text she adds. Off to visit her blog and shop now. Oh and happy St. Paddy's Stephanie!!! XO Katie

  2. What beautiful photo's, I can't choose one I like best, I like them all, I will be clicking on the link.

  3. you are too sweet. what a wonderful surprise!!! i just love mary's site. the simplicity is amazing and oh so beautiful. i could spend hours there. have a great evening.

  4. Wow, I wish I had talent like this. My photography skills are so no there! I am off to check out her site. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow...what great photographs. The talent out there never ceases to amaze me and it all starts with you!!
    Have a great day Stephanie...

  6. WOW, Mary's photography is incredible!! And, of course, I adore Traci!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend Stephanie!

    :) T

  7. Oh my goodness. I want to go to the beach right now. Gorgeous photos!