Tuesday, March 16

once upon a time …

People dressed for dinner, for the theater, for nights out.  Those days are sadly gone.  But there is something about them I miss.  I was reading a post today on The Blushing Hostess about how people no longer dress for dinner.  I wish I had a collection of glamorous black and whites of myself and my husband and our friends, well dressed and looking fabulous.   My parents have books of them.  So while I am all for comfort, I think we can dress well and still be comfortable.  A happy medium.   I am lucky to live a very short trip in to New York City.  And one of my favorite things is to catch a Broadway show.  But can I tell you, if the people all around you are wearing sweats and sneakers, and snacking through a show, it does take away from the experience.  The most dressed down I will do for the theater is dress pants and a nice top.   And I’m not an old fuddy duddy – I am 41.  

Well, anyway, vent over.  But it reminded me of a photo I had scanned some time ago.  It’s of my mom, before I was born, and I think she looks beautiful!  She had already had 4 children by the time this photo was taken.  One day, I have to scan in a photo she had taken for her passport in the late 50’s.  She had her hair and make-up immaculate as always, and long earrings.    And the travel photos they had are amazing – even on the tarmac at airports in Morocco, Casablanca, Greece, Italy … they were dressed and styled and ready to go.  That was glamour, girls.    And that was my mom. 





  1. Stephanie, what a stunner your mum was, after seeing those photos of your grandmother, it's very clear you have great genes!
    It's such a shame people don't dress up anymore, I don't really understand why. I love to dress up at every opportunity. Maybe you should start a new trend, have dressed up dinner parties, invite all your friends and take photos for posterity.

  2. After four kids? Wow, she looks gorgeous and would love to see more photos. I guess the trick is to find clothes that are comfortable and stylish. I keep trying. XO

  3. Your mother was gorgeous, Stephanie.

    I remember dressing up for lots of things, when I was young. I rarely wore pants. Just around the house.

    I still won't even go to town for milk and bread, without my makeup and at least looking a little bit okay. When my mother passed away and we were making the arrangements we were sure to remind them to make sure she was made up perfectly. My mother never went anywhere without her makeup, even into her 80's.

    When you were in Charleston did you notice all the hats? I bought a hat handmade in Charleston. I wish women wore hats, here, like they do in Charleston.

  4. Your mother looks beautiful Stephanie. I love these old photos. I never tire looking at them. I know what you mean about dressing up and it is even more fustrating when you spend a small fortune for a ticket and it is treated by many as just another night at the pictures. I think you just do what you feel comfortable with. If it means dressing up and having fun than go for it...no one knows where you have been before or where you are going after...that is the mystery of it all, what fun!
    Jeanne :)

  5. Love this post. Just love it. :-)

  6. your mom is a "looker" stephanie. stunning. now a days people are lucky if they wear something besides jeans to church. sad when you think about it. i like to dress up, but usually have no place to go to do it. except maybe a funeral or wedding.