Monday, March 15

awww, thanks!

March test shots 029e

It was such a busy weekend!  And we are still living with pouring rain and much of our town (though not us) is without power.  So these pretty flowers I have, and two special people are really brightening my day!  

Two of the sweetest bloggers around – Jeanne at Collage of Life and Emily at Smile Emily gave me awards this weekend.  You really are the best, girls!

Jeanne gave me the:

The idea behind this one is to pass the Five Diamonds onto five exceptional blogs – OK, I don’t think I can pick just 5 of you, and I would definitely send it back to Jeanne.  I think you all make my world a better place.  Other than that, my five choices are:

1.  Traci Thorson Photography

2.  A Gift Wrapped Life

3.  Karen Russell

4.  Paper Turtle

5.  Smile, Emily

Emily gave me:


There are a few things to do when you receive the award.
1 Thank the person that awarded you this in a new post.
2 Name 10 things that make you happy.
3 Pass this award on to 10 other bloggers and inform the winners!

This is so sweet – thanks, Emily!  For those of you who have not visited Smile, Emily, take a look at her page.  I just found her when she left a comment here last week, and I am back every day.  She always has something interesting going on there. I loved the color quiz she posted and her photos are terrific.  

OK, back to the award, ten things that make me happy are …

1.  My family

2.  My doggy – Sugar Magnolia Clark

3.  A great book

4.  Photography

5.  Painting

6.  Sunshine

7.  The beach

8.  Vacations

9.  Entertaining

10.  Each and every one of you.  I especially love it when you leave comments – they really make my day.

I am passing this award onto …

Jeanne at Collage of Life; French Larkspur; The Hampton Hostess; Meadowbrook Farm; Slim Paley; The Neo Traditionalist; Vintage Rose Studio; Back Porch Musings; Brabourne Farm; and Bella Dellas Farm.   You all make me very happy!  (apparently, there is a farm theme going on here!  Maybe it was too many visits to NYC last week!) 

Thanks again to Jeanne and Emily.  Share the love and go visit one of these pages today…

Hope it’s a great week!




  1. Wow, Stephanie, I am honored to be among your five diamonds. :o) Thanks for the happy start to my Monday!!! xo

  2. PS...what a stunning photo...the colours and clarity are amazing!!

  3. Thank you Stephanie...I can feel the love all around the blogosphere today..what a great group!! You are so thoughtful, I can't tell you what a delight it has been getting to know you...if I were to write my 10 favourites it would look nearly identical. What a wonderful world we live in!

    Jeanne :)

  4. So Sweet! Thank you Stephanie, the feeling is mutual. XO

  5. awwww, thanks Stephanie. you are so sweet!!!

  6. Dear Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for the award! You made my rather hectic and soggy Monday bright and shiny! I'm such a fan of La Dolce Vita-your vibrant personality and joie de vivre comes shining through in every post! Have a wonderful day- Barbara

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed the award- you deserve it. Also, thank you for the diamonds award! I love diamonds. :) And finally, that picture is gorgeous. The photograph makes the flowers look even more beautiful.

    Have a great day!

  8. Thanks Stephanie! How very, very nice.
    I've been poking around your blog, and like what I see....I will definitely be back. As well, with this post, you have opened up a whole new world of blogs for me to check out....I feel a time management issue on the horizon!

  9. Hi Stephanie - what a lovely surprise! Thank you so much for including me in your list. Leigh PS - love the gorgeous photo of your mother - she looks so glamorous.