Friday, March 12

oh, Ralph…

Ralph Lauren’s new home collection, which I first saw at Hampton Hostess, is calling my name.  Think south of France, the Mediterranean, St Barts.  (OK, maybe it is the travel bug I’ve been bitten with, but I really like this line.)  He calls it La Plage, and some of it is available on line already.  Feast your eyes on these – some of my favorites from the collection.

I love this fabric

And this carafe.

Stevens Glass Carafe - Ralph Lauren Home -

Especially in the caddy.  (carafe and glasses are not included)  But how sweet would that be for outdoor entertaining?

Breene Wire Caddy - Ralph Lauren Home -

Chambert Picnic Tote - Ralph Lauren Home -

No matter how much I love it, I don’t think I can justify the $900 for the picnic tote.  But maybe the ironstone plates?

Antibes Cereal Bowl - Ralph Lauren Home -

Can you tell I am really looking forward to spring?

In the meantime, some work to finish up, then Jamie comes home, and Katie has a sleepover at the museum … then … WEEKEND!  Hope you all have a great one!



All photos are courtesy of Ralph Lauren Home.


  1. Blue and doesn't get any better than that. Even better for all of us that started collecting it 20 years ago!! I think of all the times I was tempted to let go. Looking at this post makes me so glad that I didn't!
    Have a great weekend Stephanie!
    Jeanne :)

  2. I love Ralph...

    I see lots of inspiration here...perhaps I'll do a little ol' RL knockoff.

    Happy weekend, Stephanie.

  3. I don't believe I've come across a Ralph Lauren look I didn't like. But they are very pricey. A lovely weekend to you, Stephanie!

  4. LOVE the blue and white and I REALLY love that picnic tote!!! Something like that might be fairly easy to I'm thinking...

  5. I want it all! That or I want to move to the south of France....okay, both. RL pieces are always so classic and these are particularly fresh and fun. Love. XO Katie

  6. love the white a blue combo... really beachy! have a nice one!

  7. Stephanie dearest,

    WOW! I love that sign: LA PLACE RIVIERA; my name is Anita Rivera, without the "i", but being a French teacher, people automatically say, Madame Riviera, and it has a nice ring to it! The azure blue is TDF and reminds me of my beloved NICE where I saw the most incredible blues. Thank you for ushering in spring chez moi!!

    Have a lovely day, Anita

  8. Love love love Ralph Lauren. The Blue and white is so fresh.

  9. Hey! Hop on over to my blog - there's a post with your name in it. : ) I couldn't find your email so I couldn't tell you in private, but here's the link: .

    Happy Sunday!

    x Emily

  10. oh man - i love the blue and white combo. gorgeous. the place setting is amazing. i would love that!!!

  11. Hi Stephanie
    well Ralph is my idol.. that main puts everything into his work and it shows.. I love his latest La Plage range and think it would go very nice with my Hither Hills pieces... lovely post.. xx Julie