Monday, March 1

some anthropologie finds

I know I’m not the only one who loves Anthropologie … but oh, my, look at these lovelies!  I’d also rather look at Anthropologie than all the snow we are amassing here.

There is something about this table setting that speaks to me … I would definitely like to sit down to that table.  Of course, you’re all invited.

Lever & Lumber Table

I love this measuring spoon set too.  Completely impractical and totally darling.  It is even sweeter in person.  I think I may cave on this one.

How adorable can an apron be?  They sell them for children and adults.  This is the child’s one.  Hello, cupcake.

Baker's Delight Kid's Apron

I haven’t smelled this one, though their other scents are amazing.  Volcano is my favorite.  But I will have to go try this one out, as that color is just too gorgeous.  There is something about turquoise that says “summer”.

Go away snow.  I need to go to Anthro.

Have a great weekend!



*All photos are courtesy of Anthropologie


  1. Shopping is much better than shoveling snow. Love these finds, especially the measuring spoons.

  2. Stephanie, you are doing the right thing with the prospect of more snow..go shopping! Funny to read your comment about the candles. I was in the London store last month and was drawn to the most amazing scent in a corner of the room. I lingered for the longest time. It was the Volcano scented candle. Unbelievable! I would have bought it if I did not have many others at home waiting for me. I am burning madly so I can go back and get it!
    I saw the measuring spoon set as person it is hard to say no. The table is gorgeous and I have a weakness for aprons..can never say no!

  3. Fun pictures you chose. :o) LOVE that apron!!!

  4. The actual table under that setting is fantastic. Though it seems quite narrow, like I'd be sharing forkfuls with my dinner mate across the way.

  5. I like browsing Anthropologie too. Love that table and setting! I think I might be able to come up with enough dishes to replicate it.;-)

  6. that apron is adorable. i have some measuring cups from there. they are flowers. i leave them out on my window sill. they make me happy. our snow is melting. supposed to be high 30's low 40's here for the next few days. gotta love that.

  7. I love the table setting! :) Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...I have a blog you may like...It is a design blog...If you get a chance stop in and visit me soon! I hope to see you soon! Meme

  8. Oh pretty! And yes on the beachy!

  9. Anthro has stolen way too much of my money. Ah ha ha. I'm addicted to their aprons!