Wednesday, April 28

the amazing incredible Karen Russell …

With the photo tips idea in the last post,  I think a little “full disclosure” is appropriate here.  I am taking a photography class taught by Karen Russell.  I think she is amazingly talented, so I went to her website and saw that I would be number 1300-something on the list!  Yikes.  Then she offered auditing, and I thought it would be a good solution.  I read a lot about photography before the class, and taken thousands of photos this year, so I hoped it would be enough.  Also, I didn’t want to wait.  But for the most part I was right, though there are questions I would love to ask her that I could if I were a full student. 

So far, about 4 weeks in, I would say I knew most of what she has taught us.  With some notable exceptions that have made me say: wow, huh, really?, a-ha, and yahoo!  (Who knew exposure compensation could change your life?)  She explains things so well, that had I learned them from her instead of trying to learn them on my own, the whole process would have gone a whole lot easier.  And I am sure there are plenty more a-ha moments ahead.  

The class is well suited to anyone from beginner on up.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the class to someone who wants to improve their photos, particularly of people.   She is fantastic, amazing and super sweet.  And the class is reasonably priced, less than others I looked at before hers.   So maybe this can be photo tip Number 2?  Get a little Karen Russell in your life. 

All that being said, I cannot in good conscience offer as a “tip” or advice anything that I didn’t know before the class.  And I won’t or I couldn’t sleep at night.  I think that it would be very unfair and disrespectful to Karen and the many years of hard work that she put into making the class what it is.  And let’s face it – most of what I have to share is way less than what Karen does, and she does it better too.  (Trust me on that – just check out the class she offers.)

And even all of that being said, I would still really love to take her class in person, and really really want to take her photo class in Greece with Cocoa Daisyimage

…could you blame me?





  1. I would love to take a photography class, all the better to take it in Greece!

  2. I need to be in a class with you. I get really excited because I have almost learned all the functions on my little digital.

  3. You sound like me. I am slightly obsessed with her and I LOVE HER!

    Next week we have off so I will be reading like crazy and practicing.

    Do you have axcess to the message boards? Not posting but can you read the others post?

  4. Oh Stephanie
    I really need to go check out Karen's blog now.. .I have to admit I am getting very frustrated with point and shoot.. just can't learn what I want to learn... might have to get crazy and buy new camera.. but first will check out Karen's blog.. thanks for the tip...

    OH and photography lessons in Greece???? [the islands I hope].. haha..may have to check that out also... have a lovely day xxx Julie

  5. i want to go on that too. wouldn't it be awesome. a girl can dream huh?

  6. Well, of course not!! I would go to Greece in a second. All I need is an excuse.
    I'd like to take a photography class too. There's so much I need to learn.